Meet Our Team

25 Team Members
  • Dr. Michael O'Brien

    Dr. Michael O'Brien


    Dr. O'Brien is a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in the medical and surgical care of retinal and vitreoretinal disorders and disease.

  • Dr. Terry Alexandrou

    Dr. Terry Alexandrou


    Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Terry Alexandrou is a specialist in cataract and vision correction surgery, as well as in sports eye injuries.

  • Dr. Alex Gerber

    Dr. Alex Gerber


    Dr. Gerber specializes in cataract surgery & laser vision correction. He is the medical director of Koch Eye LASIK and Aesthetics Center.

  • Dr. Nermin Graise

    Dr. Nermin Graise


    Dr. Graise is an ophthalmologist specializing in cataract surgery techniques, including refractive cataract surgery. She also performs LASIK and PRK.

  • Dr. Richard Sayegh

    Dr. Richard Sayegh


    Board-certified ophthalmologist Richard Sayegh specializes in cutting-edge techniques for ocular surgeries including cataract surgery, LASIK, and PRK.

  • Dr. Tatyana Serednyakova

    Dr. Tatyana Serednyakova


    Ophthalmologist Tatyana Serednyakova is a board-certified medical retina specialist with a primary focus on the treatment of vitreoretinal diseases.

  • Dr. Leah Kammerdiener

    Dr. Leah Kammerdiener


    Dr. Kammerdiener is a board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologist specializing in medical and surgical management of cataracts and glaucoma.

  • Dr. Amy Uddin

    Dr. Amy Uddin

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Amy Uddin specializes in dry eye diagnosis and management, glaucoma treatment, and co-management of cataract and refractive surgical patients.

  • Dr. Ronald Furman

    Dr. Ronald Furman

    Doctor of Optometry

    Board-certified optometrist Ronald Furman specializes in ocular therapeutics, therapeutic intervention, and comprehensive contact lens evaluations.

  • Dr. Jane Ireland

    Dr. Jane Ireland

    Doctor of Optometry

    Optometrist Jane Ireland focuses her practice on contact services with an emphasis on specialty lenses.

  • Dr. Michael Santos

    Dr. Michael Santos

    Doctor of Optometry

    As a primary care optometrist, Michael Santos, O.D. practices comprehensive eye healthcare with a high level of compassion for his patients.

  • Dr. Lionel Lemos

    Dr. Lionel Lemos

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Lemos is a board-certified primary care optometrist who sees patients for a wide range of eye healthcare, including eye exams and ocular disease.

  • Dr. Earle Scharff

    Dr. Earle Scharff

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Scharff has over 30 years of experience in primary care optometry. He specializes in therapeutic intervention and is certified in orthokeratology.

  • Dr. James Theroux

    Dr. James Theroux

    Doctor of Optometry

    Optometrist Dr. Theroux specializes in eye healthcare for the whole family, including routine and comprehensive exams and therapeutic interventions.

  • Dr. Michelle Lewis

    Dr. Michelle Lewis

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Lewis practices primary care optometry with a focus on multi-focal, toric, and spherical lenses. She also specializes in pediatrics and dry eye.

  • Dr. Nicole Fantoni

    Dr. Nicole Fantoni

    Doctor of Optometry

    As a primary care optometrist, Nicole Fantoni, O.D. practices comprehensive eye healthcare, as well as routine exams for glasses and contact lenses.

  • Dr. Whitney Catanio

    Dr. Whitney Catanio

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Catanio specializes in primary care optometry, including full eye exams and the management of glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinal disease.

  • Dr. Kristen Burns

    Dr. Kristen Burns

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Burns is a primary care optometrist. She specializes in comprehensive eye care, including therapeutic intervention and after-surgical management.

  • Dr. Allison LeBlanc

    Dr. Allison LeBlanc

    Doctor of Optometry

    Optometrist Allison LeBlanc is a medical and primary optometrist specializing in pediatrics, surgical co-management, full exams, and contact lenses.

  • Dr. Jessica Besen

    Dr. Jessica Besen

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Besen is a primary care optometrist specializing in comprehensive eye exams as well as the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases.

  • Dr. Tess Deresienski

    Dr. Tess Deresienski

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Tess Deresienski is a primary care Optometrist at Koch Eye Associates. Dr. Deresienski specializes in primary care and sees patients of all ages.

  • Dr. Teresa Grochowski

    Dr. Teresa Grochowski

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Teresa Grochowski is a primary care optometrist specializing in comprehensive eye health exams.

  • Dr. Laura Tresca

    Dr. Laura Tresca

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Tresca is a licensed primary care optometrist at Koch Eye Associates.

  • Dr. Clyde Haworth

    Dr. Clyde Haworth

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Haworth specializes in primary care optometry of all ages - from children to adults.

  • Dr. Tiffany Graham

    Dr. Tiffany Graham

    Doctor of Optometry

    Dr. Graham is a certified primary care optometrist who focuses on comprehensive eye examinations and the treatment of many eye diseases and conditions