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About Hyperopia

About a fourth of the population in the United States is affected by hyperopia, commonly known as farsightedness. Hyperopia is the impaired ability to clearly see or focus on objects, words, or images that are very near the eyes. Farsighted individuals can usually see very well at a distance; it’s activities like reading, sewing, or removing a splinter that are problematic. Hyperopia also causes other uncomfortable symptoms that can affect you on a day-to-day basis. At Koch Eye Associates in the greater Rhode Island area, we have a highly skilled team of optometrists to examine your eyes for farsightedness and ensure your treatment is comfortable and effective. Schedule your appointment at our Johnston, North Kingstown, Wakefield, Warwick, or Woonsocket, RI office for an eye exam today. We can talk to you about how you can obtain clearer vision.


Farsightedness can cause constant eye strain, especially for those whose jobs require reading, writing, or using a computer all day. If left untreated, this constant eye strain then leads to headaches, fatigue, and burning, achy eyes. Patients with farsightedness are also experiencing more noticeable daily problems with the drastic rise in the use of mobile devices. If you have previously been diagnosed with hyperopia, but your glasses or contacts have not alleviated your headaches or eye strain, you may need a new prescription.


Farsightedness is caused by eyes that are shorter than normal from front to back. It is typically present at birth, and some children do outgrow their hyperopia as their eyes develop into their adolescence. Hyperopia is typically found to “run in families,” or be more common in those with family histories of farsightedness. Hyperopia is a condition similar to presbyopia (age-related vision decline); however, they have different causes and are not the same thing.

Treatment Options

The treatments for farsightedness at Koch Eye Associates include prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and/or laser surgery. Laser vision correction surgery can help reduce or eliminate the dependence on corrective lenses with long-lasting results. At your appointment, an experienced member of our staff can go over all of the treatment options with you to help you decide which option is best for you. If our experts feel that you are a candidate for laser surgery and you are interested in this option, we can schedule a consultation with an ophthalmologist on our team.

Sharpen Your Vision

If you struggle to focus on objects that are up close, you may be farsighted. If you’ve already been diagnosed with farsightedness but still experience burning eyes or headaches, you likely need a new prescription. If left untreated, the other symptoms of hyperopia can become more uncomfortable over time. At Koch Eye Associates, we provide advanced treatment options that will help you get back to clear vision and refreshed eyes. Contact our experienced team in the greater Rhode Island area to schedule your consultation.

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