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Throughout each of our seven optical locations, you will find opticians and associates that strive to achieve the best vision you can. Your sight is very important to us so the optical teams work closely with our ophthalmologists and optometrists to ensure your vision care needs are met and exceed your expectations. We offer the latest digital lens offerings and the most advanced lens treatments available in the optical industry. We also offer a wide selection of frames in each of our locations.

Your eyewear comes with a 30-day unconditional guarantee where we will gladly exchange your eyeglasses for a pair of equal value (no refunds). We offer both basic protection for your frames under the manufacturer’s warranty (against defects only), as well as an extended protection plan that will cover your eyeglasses for two years. Should you break or damage your eyeglasses, your first replacement is free within the first year and 50% off the retail cost in year two. It also covers loss and rolls over to your next pair of eyeglasses should you never use it.

It is our intention to consistently and always exceed your expectations. Our aim is to deliver uncompromising quality, education, and outstanding customer service. We strive to anticipate your needs and ensure that your experience is exceptional. Speak to our professionals, and they will strive to achieve the clearest vision your eyes deserve.


Our opticians utilize iPad technology loaded with a program called Smart Mirror, which will aid in the process of selecting your eyewear and ensure that they are made with the utmost precision.

With Frame Selection, you can now see what you look like in your selections without having to take off your current eyeglasses! Our opticians can take up to four images, display side-by-side, and can email your images to a friend or family member for a second opinion to help you with your decision.

With Smart Mirror, our opticians have the ability to demonstrate some of the more popular lens enhancements available, such as anti-glare coatings, transitions, polarized lenses, and the differences between multifocal lenses (progressives, bifocals, and computer). It even has the ability to show you what your prescription lenses will look like in traditional vs. higher index lenses.

With PD measurements, our opticians no longer have to rely on millimeter rulers or marking pens to measure you for your eyewear. The optician simply places a frame reference device over your newly adjusted frame selection and takes a picture with the iPad to gain pupillary distance measurements and prescription fitting heights that are accurate to the tenth of a millimeter! For the Ideal Fit or any digital lens offering, you would also hold the iPad as you normally hold a book to obtain your custom position of wear measurements that will reduce adaptation time to your progressive lenses and improve your vision in every instance.

Speak to one of our opticians to learn more about this great technology that will reduce the amount of time needed to select the perfect pair of glasses!