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About Ahmed Tube Shunts

When a diagnosis of glaucoma is made after the disease is in the later stages, or if it has progressed more rapidly than predicted, aggressive treatment may be necessary. One form of aggressive treatment is the Ahmed tube shunt, which is a device that is implanted into the eye to quickly drain built-up fluid. The Ahmed tube shunt looks very much like a tiny, flat computer mouse. The “mouse” portion is placed on the surface of the eye just beneath the conjunctiva, and the “cord,” or shunt, is inserted into the front of the eye to drain fluid. The shunt won’t degrade within the eye because it is made of either silicone or polypropylene.

At Koch Eye Associates, we have many highly experienced ophthalmologists on our team who conduct this procedure with the utmost precision and receive excellent results. Read more about the Ahmed tube shunt below and schedule a consultation at one of our Rhode Island facilities in Wakefield, Woonsocket, North Kingstown, Warwick, or Johnston if you think you may be a candidate.

Best Candidates

While there is no one particular treatment of glaucoma that is a fit for everyone, you might be a candidate for the Ahmed tube shunt if:

  • You have glaucoma that is the result of medical issues, such as diabetes
  • You have had previous unsuccessful glaucoma laser treatments or surgeries
  • You have had a traumatic eye injury that resulted in excessive scar tissue

Like with any surgical eye procedure, you will need to have an evaluation with an experienced ophthalmologist to determine whether you are eligible for the Ahmed tube shunt. This evaluation will include a comprehensive eye exam, as well as discussion about your condition and your lifestyle. Once your evaluation is complete, your ophthalmologist will be able to provide you with a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.

What to Expect

Most of the surgeries performed by Koch Eye Associates, including the Ahmed tube shunt, are done at the St. James Surgery Center in Warwick, RI. The Ahmed tube shunt treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure by an experienced ophthalmologist. Before your procedure begins, you will be given anesthetic eye drops to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process. First, the surgeon will place a device over your eye that will hold it open during the procedure and will keep you from blinking or moving your eyeball. Then the shunt will be inserted, creating a pathway for the fluid to drain out of the eye. Due to its position within the eye, you will not be able to see the shunt. After your procedure is finished, the surgeon will administer more special eye drops that are meant to prevent pressure spikes. Finally, your eye will be taped shut and bandaged, and you will be given a patch to wear.


We will ask you to come back for several follow-up visits over the months following your surgery. These follow-up visits allow us to check the progress of your healing, as well as the state of your internal eye pressure. These appointments are crucial to your recovery so it is very important that you make sure to attend them all. It is equally important that you are vigilant about taking any medication we prescribe and that you take it as recommended.

Glaucoma Pressure Relief

At Koch Eye Associates, we know that the idea of being diagnosed with and treated for glaucoma can be a little intimidating. We are here to provide you with comprehensive treatment, as well as all the care and support you need to maintain your normal lifestyle during and after treatment. Our Rhode Island facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and traditional techniques that our professionals use to protect you from the progression of glaucoma. All you need to do is schedule your appointment, and we will guide you through the rest.

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