Meet Dr. Richard Sayegh

Get to know one of the many talented LASIK surgeons, Dr. Richard Sayegh and hear him explain the process of this procedure and consider if LASIK is the right choice for you!

Dr. Richard Sayegh: Imagine a field of medicine, where you could impact a patient's life for the rest of their life, and about 10 minutes. That's what I get to do on a daily basis. The Koch Eye name is synonymous with eyecare, with fabulous eyecare. It's known in Rhode Island, it's known in southern New England, it's known in New York. Doctor Paul Koch worked his entire life at pioneering this field, and he's passed on his talents and his surgical abilities on to the younger surgeons, like ourselves.

Dr. Richard Sayegh: At Koch Eye, we have the latest in machinery, and preoperative diagnostic testing, to scan your corneas and make sure that this procedure is going to be safe for you. Furthermore, we have the latest in technology. We have, if you will, the Rolls-Royce of LASIK units right here behind me, which altogether create the most accurate, the quickest, and the safest LASIK procedures. So that you can be in and out of this facility in under 10 minutes.

Dr. Richard Sayegh: Are you ready to get rid of these glasses, get rid of these contacts, get rid of this dependence on glasses? Glasses are in fashion. To wear glasses is not a problem. To be dependent on glasses, that's a problem. To be able to wake up and go. If you're and active person, hit the ski slopes. If you like to serve, that's your choice. But you're going to have to make this decision on whether or not this procedure is going to be for you. Do I want this 10 minute, painless procedure to improve my vision for the rest of my life?

Dr. Richard Sayegh: The beautiful thing about this LASIK procedure is minimal downtime. As any surgeon, you have to love the day of surgery. We love to operate. As a surgeon, we love to operate. But it's closely rivaled or matched by the day after. We see the patients come in with a glow on their face. They just drove to see me for the first time in their lives. They woke up, they saw the alarm clock. On the way in, they're looking at the license plates, they're reading the street signs.

Dr. Richard Sayegh: They can't contain their excitement. They're super thrilled. It's unmatched, I don't get tired of it. I want to bottle that energy up and just kind of open it up on another day, because it's fantastic.

Dr. Richard Sayegh:
When you wear that thick pair of glasses, it really distorts things optically. You have poor peripheral vision, you're going to have to turn your head more to look in that car. There's a minimizing effect. There's a cosmetic effect, when someone's looking into your eyes, that the glasses pose also. When you have LASIK done, it's a more natural, crisp, clear vision.

Dr. Richard Sayegh: However safe it may be, however fast it may be, this is that one procedure that that patient is going to have, and that's their eyes. And we make sure it's as safe as possible, because these patients, they have their own lives. Whether it's Kelsey and her modeling career, and her agenda. Whether it's this professional sports athlete that's on the football field. Their eyes are their lives, and there are many patients that tell me that, without my sight, I am nothing.

Dr. Richard Sayegh: But at the same time, imagine being on the beach, and your contact lens falls out, and you can't find your children. Imagine losing that dependence in a beautifully elegant procedure, in 10 minutes.