Fitness Champion Stacie Venagro Describes LASIK Freedom

Stacie Venagro is a 5 time World Miss Fitness America who recently had LASIK with Koch Eye Associates. Here's what Stacie has to say about her LASIK Freedom.

Stacie Venagro: My name is Stacie Venagro. I am the owner of Stacie Venagro fitness and I'm five time World Miss Fitness America. Lasik freedom means to me that I can get up in the morning, not have to reach for my glasses. I can see walking around my bed, into my bathroom and being able to get ready in the morning. That was huge. That's a big thing. Instead of going like this on your nightstand, looking for your glasses anymore, I didn't have to rely on them. I actually can get up and just go. It's absolutely everything I hoped it would be.