5x Miss Fitness America Stacie Venagro's LASIK Experience

5x Miss Fitness America winner Stacie Venagro recently had LASIK with Dr. Alex Gerber of Koch Eye Associates. Here's what this busy mom had to say about her new found LASIK Freedom.

Stacy: My name is Stacy Venagro, I am the owner of Stacy Venagro Fitness and I'm five time World Miss Fitness America.

Stacy: I have a two year old, he pulls my glasses off my face so once he got more active of knowing what he could do with his hands, I knew right then and there, okay I can't live with glasses anymore. So, being active and always wearing glasses, it never really discouraged me from working out, it never really hurt me per se but, now that I haven't had glasses for two weeks I'm like, why didn't I do this sooner because now working out without glasses, I'm not pushing my glasses up my nose because they're sliding down. I'm not taking them off because I'm doing like plyometrics where I'm jumping on a box and jumping back down and they're going this on my face. I didn't realize how much I wore them during my workouts 'cause I needed them to see.

Dr. Alex Gerber: When you're juggling your own business and a toddler to boot, not having to deal with glasses or contact lenses is a big, big deal. And usually the more active individual that really wants good, sharp distance vision without glasses or contact lenses, golfers and baseball players, we get a ton of sports people as well but, for the average individual who just doesn't want to wear their distance lenses or contact lenses, they're all pretty much good candidates.

Stacy: I almost feel like I was underwater whenever I competed because my vision wasn't clear and I just knew what my stage size was and I had to stay within the parameters and I was okay but it wasn't clear. Like now, everything is like so crispy clear that I was like, what was I missing out on?

Stacy: Being able to workout without glasses is tremendous because now I can do all these different things without having to take my glasses off or worry about them sliding down my face, or falling off my face. It's great. After LASIK, it has really opened my eyes so to speak, on seeing things more clearly as far as my son and not having to worry about like putting on a pair of glasses to see what he's doing and going to the playground, I can actually wear sunglasses without having to go to the bathroom, put my contacts in, then put sunglasses on. We can just leave, 'cause imagine with a two year old, they're not gonna wait for you for about 10 minutes to put your contacts in, they're ready to go right now.

Stacy: So, I was able to leave the house and it's like, everything is just smooth transitions now. It's like go, go, go without having to put glasses on, contacts in, it's great.