Lasik Freedom

Not sure if LASIK is right for you? Listen to board certified LASIK surgeon, Doctor Richard Sayegh explain the life changing effects!

Dr. Richard Sayegh: We inform you that you're a candidate. What that means is you now have the option, and you have to make this big decision. Are you ready to get rid of these glasses, get rid of these contacts, get rid of this dependence on glasses? Glasses are in fashion, to wear glasses is not a problem. To be dependent on glasses, that's a problem. To be able to wake up and go. If you're an active person, hit the ski slopes. If you like to surf, that's your choice. The best part of my life is hearing a patient come back six months later, and say, "I don't even remember wearing glasses or contacts, you know?" Or, "I travel for work all the time. I don't have to pack that spare set. I don't have to bring that extra contact lens solution. I've forgotten what it's like to even do those things".

Dr. Richard Sayegh: I like when my patients tell me that they take their vision for granted now like everyone else. No more sweating about it, going on travel, going to trips. No more getting makeup in their eye for photo shoots, and no more packing that extra set of glasses. They go on about their day, their active lifestyles. They pick up the kids. They go surfing. They hit the ski slopes, and they enjoy themselves like everyone else.