John talks about his LASIK experience with Koch Eye Associates

John was concerned about having astigmatism but realized that it could be corrected with LASIK. After 30 years, John is now seeing without the help of contacts or glasses!

John: All right, so after 30 years of wearing glasses, I decided to come to Koch. And with astigmatisms and everything I was concerned having it done, but they were very thorough, looked me over, and made me feel very comfortable. And after having it yesterday, huge improvement just coming up here from Portsmouth all the way to Cranston, amazing and it should only get better. I'm very happy with the doctors, nurses and everyone.

Interviewer: So how do you think this is going to help in your everyday routine? Your job, your-

John: Basically the working in the automotive field, always being under cars and not being able to see things, and things getting all over your glasses, I mean... and even sports and swimming and anything, it's just awesome.

Interviewer: So you would refer this to your friends, family, coworkers-

John: Most definitely, 110%.

Interviewer: Awesome. Thank you.