PGA Teaching Pro, Todd Campbell talks about LASIK with Koch Eye Associates

Todd Campbell, PGA - Director of the Golf Academy at Mulligan's Island recently had LASIK Surgery with Koch Eye Associates. Here's what he had to say just hours after the procedure.

Todd Campbell: Hi. My name's Todd Campbell. I'm a PGA golf professional at Mulligan's Island. I just had LASIK eye surgery yesterday. The entire staff here, including Rita was great. They really made you feel comfortable with the whole procedure. I'm not going to lie, I definitely was nervous going in, but they explained everything pretty well. And the whole procedure, other than anxiety, was pretty painless. Afterwards, definitely, as I was told, I definitely felt a lot of burning in my eyes, reminiscent of just feeling a lot of soap in your eyes.

Todd Campbell: Had some Tylenol PM right after the procedure, and that knocked me out for a couple of hours. Definitely after I woke up from the Tylenol PM, definitely felt a lot better. Definitely able to open up my eyes more, able to watch some TV last night. I woke up this morning, I was able to look at my iPhone, my iPad, without my glasses, which I haven't done for the past five years. So that was quite a surprise. Very little discomfort today, and I actually went to work this morning, gave a golf lesson and everything was great. I'm very pleased with the whole process here.

Interviewer: Did you drive yourself in today?

Todd Campbell: Yes. And I actually drove myself in today. I had no worries, just wore my sunglasses. Everything was great.

Interviewer: Awesome. So you think this is something that you would suggest to your friends, co-workers, family?

Todd Campbell: Without question, absolutely.

Interviewer: Awesome. Thank you.