Listen to what Bob had to say the day after LASIK

Here is Koch Eye Associates patient Bob just hours after having LASIK at our LASIK and Aesthetic center at Chapel View in Cranston.

Bob: What a fantastic experience here. From the very moment, the first phone call, it was very easy to make an appointment to come in, get the evaluation done, Dr. Tran here did the evaluation for me. It was a fantastic experience, it seemed very thorough. Had an appointment the very next week. Came in, simple process to come in. Sat down, they did a couple of paperwork, and ten minutes later it's done. What else can I say?

Interviewer: Would this be something you would suggest to your family and friends to come in and have done?

Bob: Absolutely, without a doubt. Ten years of going through readers and not being able to see stuff, and trying to find my glasses and... it's life changing, it definitely will be life changing.

Interviewer: Great.