LASIK Patient Mark

Mark recently had LASIK surgery with Dr. Paul Koch at Koch Eye Associates. Listen to what he had to say just hours after surgery.

Mark: Yeah, the experience was great from start to finish. The staff was terrific. My only regret was not doing it sooner. I think I should've done this about five years ago. Any anxiety leading up to it about the procedure itself all went away when I got in the room. And Doctor Koch was terrific, the technology is amazing. So, no regrets whatsoever.

Mark: The recovery was really quick. You know, uncomfortable for a few hours, but I feel like if I had to drive here today I certainly could have. On the way down I saw things that I definitely would not have been able to in years prior. So, overall very happy with the procedure, and certainly made the right choice on where to come.

Interviewer: Awesome. Now, would you recommend this to family, friends, coworkers?

Mark: Yeah, I already have. I already have. So, I'll try to get some more folks coming down here.

Interviewer: Great. Thank you.