Koch Eye Opens New Warwick Location

Koch Eye Associates Co-Founder Dr. Paul Koch talks about the opening of their new location at 615 Greenwich Avenue in Warwick. Mayor Scott Avedision talks about how Koch gave him his vision for the City of Warwick.

Paul Koch: Yeah, every time we think about opening a new facility, we want it to be better than the previous one. We've had 35 years of running clinics, seeing what we need, seeing what patients need, and happily, we're not constrained of what we've had in the past when able to open new offices. This is just the latest. I mean, we have so much in this office that we've wanted for years, and finally, we're able to put it all in one place. And we're thrilled to be open here.

Scott Avedisian: It's been a wonderful, wonderful partnership for a long time, and I like to say that Koch Eye gave me my vision for the City of Warwick.

Scott Avedisian: So it's good to be able to be here and welcome you to your new location. This has been an incredible success. So thank you for your total commitment to this community and for always sticking by us.

Paul Koch: We've been part of Warwick forever. I mean, my dad was one of the doctors that founded Kent County Hospital. He was one of the original 30 doctors that did that 60 or 70 years ago. So we've always had a medical presence here. Our first office was here in Warwick on Toll Gate Road. We've been part of the community, and as we were discussing earlier today, this is, believe it or not, our sixth location within just the city of Warwick. The mayor, we've known for years. John Howell from Beacon, we've known for years. I mean, this is our city.