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Endothelial Transplant (DSAEK)



Descemet's Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSAEK) is a highly refined technique that replaces just the endothelial layer of the cornea. This allows surgeons to target the specific cause of the patient's vision loss. In the DSAEK procedure, the damaged cells are taken from the patient's eye and replaced with a very thin portion of the donor cornea. This procedure allows surgeons to only replace the unhealthy portion of the cornea, allowing for more precision and better overall results.

The endothelial layer of the cornea is only one cell layer thick and can be easily damaged by surgery and trauma, or the cells can die off too fast (causing a condition called Fuchs' Dystrophy). When there are too few endothelial cells, water starts to build up over time, causing vision loss from a cloudy cornea. Patients with Fuchs' Dystrophy are the main recipients of the DSAEK procedure, although the procedure can be used for other conditions as well.

What to Expect

On the day of surgery, the patient arrives at the surgery center an hour prior to surgery for preparation. The surgeon will determine the type of tissue to be used and select the technique needed to ensure a good outcome. The surgery itself will last around an hour. An air bubble will be placed inside of the eye to keep the new tissue in place, with no need for stitches. When the new tissue has successfully attached to the cornea, it will begin to function properly and vision will clear. Vision improves quickly, with final results achieved in 1-6 months after surgery.

At Koch Eye, we have seen amazing results from this technologically advanced procedure. If you have Fuchs' Dystrophy or another corneal disorder, DSAEK may be right for you. Give Koch Eye a call today to set up a consultation!

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After a patient decides to have surgery, he or she is assigned his or her own Surgical Counselor who is available to answer questions and provide assistance. These individuals are specially trained to assist the patient throughout the entire surgical experience, including follow up care for as long as necessary. Patients are encouraged to contact their counselor for any questions, no matter how simple or complex.